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Attendance & Excuses


Per the SCDE, a student is counted absent if he/she is not present for greater than 50% of the school day.  The actual calculation (done automatically by PowerSchool) is based on the minutes covered in a school's bell schedule.

Regular daily attendance is imperative for students to excel in the classroom.  It is critical for students to be in class whenever possible, but we understand occasional absences are sometimes necessary.  In order for accurate records to be maintained, excuses for absences must be submitted to the school in writing.  According to school board policy, lawful absences shall be granted for the following reasons, but must be verified in writing with 3 days after the student returns to school:
  1. Illness
  2. Appointments with doctor or dentist
  3. Death in the family
  4. Required court appearance
  5. Recognized national religious holiday
A total of only five parent notes will be accepted for the 2020-2021 school year.  After the fifth parent note, the school's administration reserves the right to ask the parent for a doctor's statement for their student's absence.  The school will send a letter to the parent stating that no more parent notes will be accepted.